Why we are here

The Philosophy

Tech isn't a luxury, but a necessity

Whether we thrive for any basic needs or living in prosperity, technology is a necessity that we can not but acknowledge. It is a must in this phase of time. Technology reduces wastage of resource and time of your business, cutting operating cost in half, making your life more comfortable. Our aim is to bring you something which may look plain, basic, humble but is an instrument with perfect orchestration. We aim to find out the problems & "radicalize" the solution for the betterment of people

Have A Problem?

Let us find you a solution

Your business/experienced difficulties are often cause of just a missing piece. Whether its lack of an efficient system or a basic software, whatever the cause is, we have the solution.

Great Ideas?

Let us execute it together

Great ideas often dont see the light of day becuse it fails execution or simply did not get the opportunity. Let us paint your ideas into reality.

What We Do

Our services are tailored to make your business grow and stand out.

We may already have some products that suit your needs, but still if you need customized technology, we can provide End to End solutions for you. Rather than focusing on specific domain, here are some areas over which we can build customized solutions for you.

Web Applications

For any customized solutions, Web application is the DeFacto. No matter what type of solutions you seek, it will always involve Web. Thats why we give special attention to Webapps. Our expert developers aim at creating highly scalable, fault taularant, fast and industry grade cloud based Web apps that ensure very curated user experience.

Mobile Applications

You can not just get away without providing any Mobile apps nowadays. Lets face it, people are hooked to their smartphones. The days are gone when your user base have to sit on PC to look at the updates you have for them. A Mobile app surely means better reachabiliy and wider coverage. We aim at giving you native Mobile apps which are a delight to use and fast in performance.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are not on the trend nowadays. Still there are scenarios where a Desktop app is more suitable. You may need specific hardware integrations like Printer, Barcode Scanner etc. Thats why there is a team at Rigg Technologies to build robust Desktop apps for three platforms - Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Analytics, Big Data

Your business is about data. Well tailored Analytics can give you quite an edge over your competitors. You can explore uncharted territories from the data your userbase provide. It can open new opportunities for new business. To provide fast, flawless and realistic analytics our Analytics team work hard to bring out all possible analysis from your data. And yeah, if the volume of Data is Big (which is usually the case) we do Big Data !!


Long gone the days when software solutions only worked with PC and Mobile. In this modern age, a solution need to be as robust as possible. For that, we might need other devices which sends you data or does something on your behalf. For example, sensing the soil humidity to provide automated irrigation. If you have such scenarios, we can provide IoT solutions using available hardwares. If the type of device is not available, we can design a proof-of-concept for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays AI is on the rise. It can take your business to a new height few of us can Imagine. Automated image processing to automated object detection, You and Us can surely find a use case that can take your business to a new height.


Blockchain is a data store where data can not be altered without the consensus of majority users. It is also suitable for online "Contracts". If there are any cases in your business, where trust is an issue, it is very much possible that using blockchain we can come up with a solution. Lets discuss !!

Support & Maintenance

Of course it will be pointless if you order a solution from us and later find it hard to maintain. We offer support and maintenace service as well. Our purpose is to make everyones life better, you are no different. We sincerely believe that we can provide a better support and maintenance service.

Meet The Team

Our Team

Sayeed Mahmud

CTO & Co-Founder

The Architect

Md Saymon Shahariya

Junior Software Engineer

The Spartacus

Md. Dulal Hossin

Junior Software Engineer

Resident Pippin

Afif Nihil Mahmud

Junior Software Engineer

The Nuker

Omar Nasib

Graphics Designer

Well! He lives in Malaysia!

Omar Faruk

Junior Software Engineer

Yo Bro

Meet Our Client

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Have an idea or an epic project in mind? Let’s work together and make something great. Drop us a line at letswork@riggtechs.com

Where to Find Us

Head Office

23/11-B, Block-B, Khiljee Road,
Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207.

Khulna Office

15/10 Farukia Mosque Cross Road,
Boyra, Sonadanga, Khulna

UK Office

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